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Hundreds of apps and reports on one system, here are a few.

Statement Reconciliation

Real-Time, Real Fast

Eliminate hours of routine tasks to reconcile statements. Real-time abstracts download on changes, and statements arrive immediately. Shipments are reconciled in a few minutes saving your team hours.


$199 per month

Mobile eBOL

Electronic Bill of Ladings, no more messy paperwork. Take photos, training videos, custom links, complete field support.

Sales Storm

Boost your Sales Team performance and increase revenues. Automate the follow-up and close more business.


Run your entire business, KPI dashboards, lead management, sales CRM, dispatch, truck inspections, and accounting. Everything in one moving company software package to run your business in real-time.


Stack the deck in your favor, recover ALL your credit card fees. No equipment to purchase, soft technology terminals that integrate into your system or ours.



Apps to better run your moving business.


Improve your technology with exclusive club apps.


Monitor your companies information in real-time.

Loyalty and Trust

Apps designed to build long-lasting relationships with our moving company clients.

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Join the club, learn how to automate your moving company, and empower your entire workforce.

The Netsirv Family

In 1994, David Seeley started Local Motion Moving & Storage. David started investing in custom software to better manage and develop his business, which eventually led to the founding of Netsirv Technology.

Netsirv has become a single software solution to effectively manage and scale several moving companies. 

About the Club

Netsirv started the Mover Club to provide software solutions for the moving industry. The problems in the moving industry are mostly related to lack of or disconnected technology. 

As new movers join the club, new applications are developed from the members feedback. Our applications are based on the best business practices to efficiently run moving companies both large and small.

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