Happy Birthday Barrett!!

18 Years Old!!

Choosing your path

I remember this like yesterday, rock climbing along the ocean and hiking through the hillsides. I am so impressed with how you navigate through your life, making decision that set your path to success.

A great Decision

Maybe becoming a bartender is your future! Well, maybe not… I’m leaning to maybe mixing oils and chemicals to create the cure for cancer.

Sweet Talent

Or maybe you’ll play your way through college, you are so gifted and creative, you can accomplish anything you set your mind too. 

Wonderful Memories

Or maybe we start a band! When I am with you whether on stage or at work by my side, what a dream come true for a dad. I love the memories of the times we shared.

Growing Up

I love you so much my little, now grown up as an adult Barrett… I guess you don’t have to take orders from me, except at work. 😊 I have never worried about any decisions you have made on your own, your bright and exceptional mind has always made me proud. I am so excited to watch your journey into the next phase of your life, I hope you will always be my work buddy on little projects. I can always count on you taking anything I create and making it better because of your brilliance. 

Happy birthday, you will always be my little girl. I love you very much!