Barrett Graduation Party!!

Class of 2020

Choosing your path

Choosing the right path in life is an adventure, like rock climbing along the ocean and hiking through the hillsides. Barrett’s journey in the next phase is starting with the decision on a path to success at the University of Minnesota.

A great Decision

Maybe becoming a bartender is your future? Well, maybe not… Maybe mixing oils and chemicals to create the cure for cancer makes more sense for her future.

Sweet Talent

Or maybe playing her way through college, truly gifted and creative at such a young age, Barrett can accomplish anything she sets her mind too. 

Final Decision

In the end, the decision has been made… Barrett will be attending the University of Minnesota Biological Science program.

Graduation Party

Event Date - Saturday, August 22nd

Event Time - 7:00 PM

Address - Seeley's Home

18219 Tristram Way

Eden Prairie, MN 55346

RSVP MOlly txt - 612-702-3782, Facebook or email to