Happy Birthday Tori!!

16 Years Old!!

Animal Lover

Tori, you have influenced me in so many ways, becoming vegan for starters! Your leadership and influence only lead to me believing in you more then ever.

Smart and Tough

What girl plays tackle football at 3rd and 4th grade? TORI!! Smart and Tough! I loved watching you crush those boys, so many cried!! And you break your arm, and right back in the game! You don’t give up on anything you believe in!!

A Natural Model

You have always been so beautiful, a natural at such a young age. Mixing beauty and brains puts you out in front. Then throw on the gift to create, you are unstoppable!

Goof Ball!

Tori, you crack me up and have made me laugh so much! You have such an untapped gold mine of humor and its time to really let it out!

A True Leader

You have amazed me so much a true leader of leaders, entrepreneur, and a mind of authority like I have never seen. Your leadership skills are unstoppable, you will charge out to the front and blaze the trail!

Big Smiles!!

Your friendships you have, Gavin your support group brings you smiles that light up a room. Watching you interact with your friends, they all look up to you more then you may be aware.

Happy birthday, you will always be my little girl. I love you very much!